Läger i Vikingabyn sommaren 2023

Läs om Vikingabyn på Storholmen här!

This is the site for the Swedish workcamp this summer! The volonteers helped with teaching visitors traditional handicrafts, baking bread, helped in the cafeteria and other tasks in the village.
But the best thing is ”living the viking life” as one of the volonteers said. In the evenings they gathered round the fire and listened to stories or shared experiences, sang…and they hardly ever used their mobile phones! In the free time the volonteers could sunbathe, swim in the lake, learn about the viking way of life and traditional handicrafts or go for a boat ride.
The Village is an outdoor archeologic museum based on the idea that you should be able to LIVE and EXPERIENCE history, not just read about it in books. Why? Meet Britta, housewife of the camp, and listen to her story in our next post about the workcamp.

Is this your first workcamp?


Would you like to go to another workcamp next year?

– Yes! This one!

Alicia från Spanien deltar på SCI Sveriges läger Vikingabyn på Storholmen utanför Norrtälje. Hon stortrivs och vill återvända nästa år. Och så är det faktiskt, deltagarna som kommer till Vikingabyn återkommer gärna som volontärer.